Teatime snack: Kyaraimo Cube Matcha

Half a year has gone by! Gosh, time really flies.

I have featured a Kyaraimo Cube snack on this blog before. It was kinako (roasted soybean) flavoured, which I had really enjoyed.

Saw this matcha flavoured one online recently and decided to give it a try.

Kyaraimo Cube is a range of bite-sized sweet potato that is fried and coated with butter and caramel, produced by a small food company based in Miyazaki called E-to.

There are other flavours besides kinako and matcha, but I wasn’t too attracted to them.

My previous experience with Kyaraimo Cube was that the cubes have a crunchy exterior with a slight fluffy or airy texture (because of the condensed milk ingredient) when I bit into them.

However, these matcha flavoured cubes are HARD LIKE PEBBLES.

OMG, I almost broke my teeth (well, maybe that exaggerates it a little but you get my point) when I had my first bite into one cube. Like, I wasn’t expecting it to be that hard, if I remembered correctly.

The inside was also hard. It was hard all the way through. I had to chew gently and slowly.

But other than the texture, it was pleasant in taste. The cubes are lightly coated with matcha, and the mild sweetness from the sweet potato and caramel blended well with the subtly bitter matcha flavour.

The matcha used was produced in Yame, Fukuoka.

I paired this snack with a wakoucha or black tea from Shizuoka (a gift that I have yet to talk about). The sweetness of the black tea seemed to brought out the taste of the sweet potato more, while its slight astringency reduced the caramel sweetness a little. I think pairing it with matcha would have been less of an impact.

The only thing that kinda failed here was the texture. It wasn’t consistent with what I had before. LOL.

On a side note, I’m spending a lot more time on Instagram than any other social media platforms lately. Even though I don’t post every day, I enjoy going through the photos and reels. It’s definitely more pleasing and stress-relieving than some of the nonsense on Facebook or Twitter nowadays. Tempted to challenge myself to come up with a tea-related reel. Hmmm. /unlikely/


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