Tea tasting: Organic black tea (Nukumori-en Yururi)

This tea was one of several Shizuoka black tea gifts that I received recently. Nukumori-en Yururi is a traditional farm in Ogouchi village, Shimizu Ward, central Shizuoka, operated by the Nishiyama family. The closest train station would be Okitsu Station on the Tokaido line, but you'd need a car to reach the place. The Nishiyamas … Continue reading Tea tasting: Organic black tea (Nukumori-en Yururi)


Tea tasting: Koganemidori sencha (Koganemidori Chaen)

Revisiting the taste of this unique hakuyoucha or white-leaf tea after I have first tasted it in November 2019. To learn more about the previous tasting experience, click HERE. Koganemidori, just like its name 'golden green' implies, is characterised by its golden-coloured leaves that don't look like any regular tea leaves. However, it is still … Continue reading Tea tasting: Koganemidori sencha (Koganemidori Chaen)