Damp tea leaves and storage

A friend today complained to me that her loose-leaf green tea has become damp. She lamented that she really enjoyed the taste but might have no choice but throw the whole packet away. Immediately I told her not to do so, as there might still be chance to salvage it. Curious, I asked her what … Continue reading Damp tea leaves and storage


New Japanese era, new tea journey?

Yesterday, I finally received my Nihoncha Adviser certificate from the association. My membership card and badge came along with it. I was waiting with trepidation since early April when I found out that the association mailed everything by ordinary mail on March 28. After what happened with my third assignment, which went missing, and other … Continue reading New Japanese era, new tea journey?

Tea tasting: Smooth Jazz Black Tea

Georgian tea company Renegade Estate’s Smooth Jazz is one of their many black tea offerings, some with cool and almost-poetic names. Smooth Jazz was harvested in September last year. This autumn harvest tea is made from the Chinese, Assamica and Cambodian cultivars of Camellia Sinensis, going through the consecutive processes of withering, rolling, oxidizing and … Continue reading Tea tasting: Smooth Jazz Black Tea