Tea tasting: Zhoneti Jimmi Almost Oolong

When the box of teas arrived from Renegade Tea Estate, the first tea that caught my eye was this. Almost Oolong. As always, I love ziplocked packaging and I really admire how the teas come with comprehensive information on the packaging. It goes beyond the usual minimalist labels that are commonly found on many tea … Continue reading Tea tasting: Zhoneti Jimmi Almost Oolong


Renegade teas arrived!

I don’t remember how did I come across Renegade Tea Estate’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, I think it was floating around on Facebook, but it was interesting enough for me to take a gamble. I contributed USD75 to get myself a tea bush in rural Georgia (the country, not the American state!) and 300g worth of … Continue reading Renegade teas arrived!