New Tea Museum opening in Shizuoka!

Great news! Tea enthusiasts who have been to Shizuoka would surely have visited or at least heard of Ocha no Sato World Tea Museum in Shimada City, located near Kanaya Station. Unfortunately it was closed for renovation since 2016 for an indefinite duration (no reopening date was announced then). HOWEVER, it is finally revealed! The … Continue reading New Tea Museum opening in Shizuoka!


Tea tasting: Usagiya’s Kouki

  I nearly forgot I had this tea. It was still unopened at the bottom of my tea stash in the pantry. Glad to remember about it before its expiry in July. The first thing that struck me when I took the first sip of this tea was the intensity of the umami flavour. It … Continue reading Tea tasting: Usagiya’s Kouki