Refined tencha (碾茶) is the mother of matcha. In other words, matcha is made from tencha leaves. Tencha is not often found on tea sellers' merchandise list because it is not considered as a finished product like sencha, gyokuro or houjicha. Those who do carry it in their range of products tend to call it … Continue reading Tencha?


Tea tasting: Kunitaro’s Shizuoka-cha

A good friend recently came back from her holiday in Tokyo. She is one of those generous ones who tend to lug back souvenirs for everyone back home, and she definitely got me something with my interest in mind. Which was, what else if not tea. Hehe. However, she told me she didn’t know how … Continue reading Tea tasting: Kunitaro’s Shizuoka-cha

Tea tasting: Smooth Jazz Black Tea

Georgian tea company Renegade Estate’s Smooth Jazz is one of their many black tea offerings, some with cool and almost-poetic names. Smooth Jazz was harvested in September last year. This autumn harvest tea is made from the Chinese, Assamica and Cambodian cultivars of Camellia Sinensis, going through the consecutive processes of withering, rolling, oxidizing and … Continue reading Tea tasting: Smooth Jazz Black Tea