Homemade sparkling tea

A few tea friends attempted to make sparkling tea before, so I thought I would give it a try too. Some didn't have a very successful attempt, and with no set recipe on how to go about, I decided to use the usual cold-brew method. Not quite sure what sparkling/carbonated mineral water to buy, I … Continue reading Homemade sparkling tea


Tea tasting: Asahien fukamushi sencha

This was a sample teabag I got from a special gashapon machine at 897.4 Chaya  near Houraibashi in Shimada city, Shizuoka prefecture. One of the shop personnel insisted that I give it a try, so I did. It had been awhile since I last played gashapon. After she explained that the contents were not the … Continue reading Tea tasting: Asahien fukamushi sencha