Tea tasting: Hishidai Seicha Wakoucha

This is my first time drinking wakoucha (Japanese black tea). Well, most of those koucha I had at Japanese cafes were imported from India or Sri Lanka. Don't recall having had any wakoucha before. It's certainly the first time I bought wakoucha, that's for sure. Anyway, I bought this tea from Kanouya in Asahikawa City, … Continue reading Tea tasting: Hishidai Seicha Wakoucha


Northern limit of Japanese tea

In the book 日本茶のすべてがわかる本 , there is a brief section on Japan's northern teas (日本におけるチャの北限), as illustrated above. I was surprised to see Hokkaido, but apparently it is just the northernmost point where tea plants can grow. Some are also found growing in the wild. I further read that in Furubira town, tea plants can … Continue reading Northern limit of Japanese tea