Third shipment of course materials

The third (and last) shipment of the Nihoncha Instructor course materials came in a big box today. Unboxing is fun, but obviously our Malaysian Customs Dept got to it first. Duh. 😒 Items weighed approximately 5kg. Yup, pretty heavy and no wonder, 'cause of all these stuff in there. First are the usual textbook, report and … Continue reading Third shipment of course materials


Tea tasting: Kurihara Sencha Seseragi

Yamecha is the name for tea cultivated in Yame region in southern Fukuoka prefecture. Fukuoka is one of the major tea production areas in Kyushu, after Kagoshima prefecture. This standard sencha (Sencha Seseragi) is produced by Kurihara Seicha, a family tea business located in Yabemura in Yame. It was also my first real Yamecha loose-leaf … Continue reading Tea tasting: Kurihara Sencha Seseragi

88th Night

There is a very important day in Japan's tea calendar known as Hachijuu Hachiya (八十八夜, literally 88th night). This 88th night is counted from the first day of Spring (立春 or risshun) in the traditional lunar calendar. On a regular non-leap year, this date usually corresponds to May 2, and that's today! What is so … Continue reading 88th Night