A “very hot tea” issue

Lately, the Internet is abuzz with a piece of hot news related to tea, which is about a new study that claims drinking very hot tea increases the risk of esophageal cancer. Read about it here. Initially, I did not plan to comment, but as more media outlets picked up on it and churned out … Continue reading A “very hot tea” issue


Tea tasting: Akaishi Meicha

I’ve almost finished this tea when I noticed it wasn’t up on the blog even though I remember writing about it. Turned out it was saved as draft and I didn’t publish it. Haha, oh dear me. Minamishinshuu is the deep valley area at the southern tip of Nagano prefecture where the Tenryuu River and … Continue reading Tea tasting: Akaishi Meicha

Tea tasting: Smooth Jazz Black Tea

Georgian tea company Renegade Estate’s Smooth Jazz is one of their many black tea offerings, some with cool and almost-poetic names. Smooth Jazz was harvested in September last year. This autumn harvest tea is made from the Chinese, Assamica and Cambodian cultivars of Camellia Sinensis, going through the consecutive processes of withering, rolling, oxidizing and … Continue reading Tea tasting: Smooth Jazz Black Tea