Tea tasting: Goishicha

Shikoku is really home to many unique teas, especially dark or post-fermented teas. The mountains in Kochi prefecture are known to be tea-producing areas, with the Niyodogawa region being particularly well-known for Tosa tea production. However, it is only in one specific town where a rare dark tea is produced. Just over half an hour from Kochi … Continue reading Tea tasting: Goishicha


Tea place: Wadanoya

Wadanoya is a teahouse established in 1948, located in the temple district near Mt Bizan in Tokushima City. It serves Tokushima's signature confectionery item called taki no yakimochi, which is very flat and lightly grilled rice cake with red bean filling. Taki no yakimochi has a history of 400 years, and Wadanoya pledges to serve … Continue reading Tea place: Wadanoya