Tea tasting: Tosa Aburicha

I have to admit. I am not a big fan of houjicha, and it is exactly what this tea from Kochi prefecture is. I bought it because its packaging stood out in a row of packaged teas at the souvenir store in Kochi train station. Talk about effective marketing through packaging? Haha. Tosa Aburicha (土佐炙り茶) is … Continue reading Tea tasting: Tosa Aburicha


When is tea not tea?

True teas as we know them, come from the tea bush known as Camellia sinensis, with some varieties in between. White tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea and even dark/fermented tea come from that wondrous plant. All other "teas", be it ginger tea, chrysanthemum tea, rose tea, mint tea, vanilla tea and so on, … Continue reading When is tea not tea?