First report completed

After studying the Text 1 of the Nihoncha Instructor correspondence course for a month, I was ready to take on the challenge of completing the report. I managed to get it done in a week. The questions in the report cover everything that should have been well-digested in the 3 major sections of Text 1, … Continue reading First report completed


88th Night

There is a very important day in Japan's tea calendar known as Hachijuu Hachiya (八十八夜, literally 88th night). This 88th night is counted from the first day of Spring (立春 or risshun) in the traditional lunar calendar. On a regular non-leap year, this date usually corresponds to May 2, and that's today! What is so … Continue reading 88th Night

Nihoncha Instructor Association course

I  first heard of "Nihoncha Instructors" some 3 years ago, when I saw that there are Japanese tea professionals with such designation/qualification. With a little research, I discovered that there is a non-profit organisation known as Nihoncha Instructor Association that serves as an examining body for the qualification. Some time in 2016, Ricardo, a Colombian … Continue reading Nihoncha Instructor Association course