Tea tasting: Arabikicha (Wakohen / Wakoen Global)

I seldom have powdered green tea (including matcha) in my tea stash. Storage is one thing, as the quality of the powdered tea deteriorates pretty fast once the package is opened, more so in this equatorial climate, but like I have mentioned before, I happen to have a preference for loose-leaf teas. However, my curiosity … Continue reading Tea tasting: Arabikicha (Wakohen / Wakoen Global)


Tea tasting: Izumi First Flush black tea (Kajihara Tea Garden)

Kajihara-san in Kumamoto is well-known as a producer of organic kamairicha (pan-fired green tea). I bought one of his signature kamairicha as well as this wakoucha (Japanese black tea) made of Izumi cultivar. Located in Ashikita, towards the south of the prefecture, Kajihara Tea Garden suffered massive damages in the early July torrential rain. Landslides … Continue reading Tea tasting: Izumi First Flush black tea (Kajihara Tea Garden)

Special Focus on Shizuoka: Tea production

As a tea lover, I find myself drawn to Shizuoka again and again. After all, it is the prefecture that contributes to some 40 per cent of Japan’s overall tea production. According to the 2019 tea production statistics released by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries earlier this year, nationwide crude tea production last … Continue reading Special Focus on Shizuoka: Tea production