Tea tasting: White Leaf Tea Zairai (Sugiyama Tadashi)

I managed to discover yet another hakuyoucha (white leaf tea) this year. It is really exciting. Hakuyoucha seems to range from really white-coloured leaves to yellow-coloured leaves. This has been a topic of interest to me since last year, even though my knowledge of it is still fuzzy. As I have previously mentioned in my … Continue reading Tea tasting: White Leaf Tea Zairai (Sugiyama Tadashi)


Tea tasting: Hoiro-shiki Gyokuro (Konomien)

Literally roast-style gyokuro, this gyokuro from Yame, Fukuoka is processed using a traditional method of hand-kneading tea leaves while roasting them over charcoal on a wooden box-like workstation with a flat surface. This is known as hoiro. Hoiro is also used to produce hand-rolled tea. In processing and refining this tea using the hoiro, three … Continue reading Tea tasting: Hoiro-shiki Gyokuro (Konomien)

Special Focus on Shizuoka: Tea farmstays in Kawane

One of the best ways to experience the inaka or rural Japan is to stay and interact with the locals. In many parts of Japan, there are opportunities for farmstays, which are basically homestay in farms. Some are part of mid-term or long-term programmes such as agricultural internships, while some offer short-term stays. Most farmstays … Continue reading Special Focus on Shizuoka: Tea farmstays in Kawane