Tea tasting: Enshuu Kakegawa-cha

Enshuu is the old provincial name for western Shizuoka, which can still be seen in many company names or product brands. Somewhat like the prefix "Tosa" for Kochi products, a tea example would be Tosa Aburicha. Enshuu Kakegawa-cha is actually part of a series of Enshuu teas by the tea manufacturer Hishidai Seicha, based in … Continue reading Tea tasting: Enshuu Kakegawa-cha


Chagenkyo Matsuri (Teatopia Festival)

In the southern part of Kyoto prefecture lies a small town called Wazuka, famed for its 800 years of history in Uji tea (Ujicha) production and also known as one of the The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan. Every year since 2011, it is host to Chagenkyo Matsuri or Teatopia Festival. The festival is usually … Continue reading Chagenkyo Matsuri (Teatopia Festival)