Third shipment of course materials

The third (and last) shipment of the Nihoncha Instructor course materials came in a big box today. Unboxing is fun, but obviously our Malaysian Customs Dept got to it first. Duh. 😒


Items weighed approximately 5kg. Yup, pretty heavy and no wonder, ’cause of all these stuff in there.

First are the usual textbook, report and study points/guide. Then there is this book on tea-related data, which I haven’t really looked at. Then there is the tea judging form to fill up, plus other miscellaneous forms and notices from the association, which I haven’t looked at in detail as well.


Now, the exciting items are next.

There are 20, as in TWENTY, packets of tea. From aracha to shiagecha, the different types of tea, everything is all there. A total of 2kg worth of tea samples. This is for the practical lesson on tea tasting/judging.


Oh, look at those. I can’t wait to get to work on them.

In order to judge and taste the teas like a professional, one uses the other items that the association sent in this shipment: five tasting cups, five trays and 2 spoons. These utensils come in a very finely crafted wooden box.


Also, I haven’t unwrapped them yet, although I did take a peek at the cups. Nothing fancy. Very plain and pro-looking. This is really some serious stuff here.


Very excited, but at the same time, a bit overwhelmed. I have just completed the second report a couple of days ago so I don’t really feel like jumping into the third batch of materials yet. My brain got fried by all the chemistry-related stuff in the second textbook. I’m not much of a Science person, has always been leaning towards Arts, so yeah, chemistry in English is already tough, try to imagine having to process all those scientific terms in Japanese. Phew, intense.

Meanwhile, everything goes back into the original box for the time being. Will get started after I posted out the report next Monday. Haha, talk about procrastination. 😝


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