Tea tasting: Hishidai Seicha Wakoucha


This is my first time drinking wakoucha (Japanese black tea). Well, most of those koucha I had at Japanese cafes were imported from India or Sri Lanka. Don’t recall having had any wakoucha before. It’s certainly the first time I bought wakoucha, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I bought this tea from Kanouya in Asahikawa City, Hokkaido recently.

Hishidai Seicha is a Shizuoka tea manufacturer in the town of Fukuroi and this product was introduced in 2014.

The tea comes in 20 bags, with 2g of tea in each pyramid-shaped nylon mesh tea bag. Well, I think it’s nylon. Couldn’t be silk.


Anyway, with no specific brewing instructions on the pretty packaging, I decided to brew the tea as how I would brew black tea normally, that is, in boiled water for 3 minutes.

Instead of the bold, rich flavour often associated with black tea, Hishidai Wakoucha was surprisingly gentle. It had a floral fragrance and a slight sweetness in taste.


The subsequent two brews were also quite consistent in aroma and taste. This tea seriously did not taste like the usual black tea I had drank before. Perhaps the tea leaves are not the assamica variety? I wish I could find that out, but Hishidai Seicha does not have much details about this Wakoucha in their website.

This is a tea I enjoy very much and look forward to drink more often. It made me curious if most, if not all, wakoucha could taste like this.

Tea aside, I have mixed feelings about the tea bags. Even though I read that the pyramid shape allows space for bigger tea leaves, therefore a better quality cuppa compare to the finely cut leaves in those flat paper tea bags, I’m kind of worried about dunking nylon into hot water. I have decided that the next time I drink this tea, I shall remove the leaves from the bag. Loose leaves all the way!



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