Tea place: Kanouya

Having just came back from a week’s holiday in Hokkaido, it is time to blog about the teas I’ve bought.

Firstly, Hokkaido is not a tea-producing prefecture, being so far up north. I did not expect to find locally produced teas. Regardless of that, I needed to replenish my depleting tea stock at home, so I made plans to buy teas this trip. Instead of grabbing them at supermarkets, where they are readily available, I decided to look out for specialty tea shops.

It was in Asahikawa in northern Hokkaido where I came across Kanouya Chaho (叶屋茶舗), not far from the guesthouse where I stayed. Google Maps has it erroneously listed as Kanaya Tea Stall.


I noticed signs at the shop marking its 80th anniversary. It was rather small, but packed with teas from major tea-producing prefectures such as Shizuoka. Actually, it seems most of the teas are from Shizuoka, with a few exceptions.

It did not take me long to grab what I wanted to grab, which were wakoucha (Japanese black tea) and sencha, both from Shizuoka. Too bad the wakoucha is in tea-bag form, I would have preferred loose leaves, but it is my first time buying wakoucha. Can’t wait to try it.

The sencha is from Kakegawa region. Will blog about these teas in detail once I get started on drinking them.


The friendly obasan at the shop tried so hard to get me to buy other teas, including kombu (kelp) tea. I am not a major fan of kelp tea so I politely declined.

Ended up buying tea-infused furikake instead, which I sold to one of my travel companions. Haha.


Kanouya is open from 9am to 6pm (Monday to Saturday). It is located a mere minute from Asahikawayojo Station, which is one stop away from Asahikawa Station on the Soya and Sekihoku lines.


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