Tea tasting: Kazurabashi-cha

I have very little information besides what I have already known about this tea, which I had bought at the Oboke roadside station in Tokushima.


Kazurabashi-cha is the brand of tea produced in Aruse, a mountainous area located in southwestern Tokushima, close to the border with Kochi prefecture.

Tea has been cultivated here for many generations, despite its remoteness. However, due to depopulation these days, it is no longer cultivated as much as before. Its name is likely derived from its proximity to the famous attraction Iya Kazurabashi (vine bridge).

Also known as Aruse-cha, a characteristic of this tea is that it is unrefined and unblended.


Brewing it like any other sencha, I got a pronounced fragrance at the first cup. The taste has a slightly grassy note. There was a brief astringency, but that disappeared pretty fast in the mouth.


I managed to get four steepings out of 3g leaves. The taste did not vary much from each cup. Very pleasant and enjoyable.

The used leaves were also pleasant to the taste, but I did not eat them. I am out of ponzu, anyway.


At first, I could not help comparing it to Tenkuu no Yamacha, the other mountain tea from nearby Yamashiro in Oboke. I really loved that one and I had kind of expected Aruse-cha to taste about the same, but this one is good in its own way.

This is the last of my Shikoku tea haul, and I am on the lookout for new teas, especially so now that it is the season of shincha (new harvest). Time to browse and shop online!


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