Tea tasting: Homemade black tea blend

With absolutely no experience in tea blending, I tried to replicate a nice cinnamon spice black tea I had drank before. I only knew from memory that the ingredients of the said tea contained black tea, ground cinnamon, dried orange peel and cloves.


The only black tea I have at home currently is a tin of Sabah Black Tea, which was a gift from a friend. Eager to experiment, I used a tablespoon of black tea, a teaspoon of dried orange peel broken into small pieces and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. No cloves in the pantry, so I skipped that ingredient.


After mixing the ingredients together in a bowl, I stored them in a small container for a couple of days before brewing. I thought the mixture looked kind of pretty.

To brew the tea, I used a tea filter bag so that the ingredients would not be scattered in the teapot.


Three minutes later, it was time to give it a taste!

I have to mention that the black tea itself is a little astringent. Somehow, with my personalised blend, the astringency became even more pronounced.

The tea turned out to be nearly as bold as coffee, but with a light sour hint like diluted fruit tea. The ratio of cinnamon seemed to be fine, as the aroma and taste were not too overpowering. The spice level was quite subtle.


Actually, the blend was far from what I had tasted before, but it was palatable and unique on its own. However, I honestly do not think I would make the blend again, even though I could probably improvise on it. It is literally just not my cup of tea.

It was fun trying though. Who knows someday I’d be interested enough to go for a tea blending course to learn the proper skills? 🙂


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