Pan-fried chicken breast coated with tea and oats


This was something totally random that I thought of, when my mom asked me to come up with something new for our dinner menu. With chicken breast as the meat option, I figured we could try something fairly healthy.

Chicken breast
1T tea leaves, crushed (I used the sencha I have been drinking of late)
1T plain quick oats, crushed
1/2tsp salt
1/2tsp pepper


Slice chicken breast thinly. What I had was about palm-size and I managed to slice it into four thin pieces.


Mix tea leaves, oats, salt and pepper evenly in a bowl. I think I should have crushed them with a mortar and pestle before mixing them.


Lightly oil the chicken pieces and then coat with the mixture above. Alternatively, you can use melted butter or cornstarch to make them hold. I chose not to use an egg because I thought the taste may be a bit off, with tea and oats, but you can always try it.

Pan fry over small heat on the stove. Make sure both sides are cooked evenly until there is a hint of golden brown on the meat. Turn occasionally to ensure they are not burnt.


I thought of other methods of cooking such as oven bake or oven roast. Maybe next time.

The resulting dish was savory and herbal at the same time, with a slight crunch because of the oats. It was good enough on its own, or you could have a dipping sauce to go with it. It was particularly good with ponzu.


Next time I’m going to tweak the recipe for pork, which should be quite heavenly. I enjoy experimenting with food occasionally, and so far there have been no complaints from le mom. Haha.


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