Tea tasting: Imaya’s Takase sencha


I decided to start on this Takase Sencha that I bought at Imaya Seikouen in Kan-onji, Kagawa. The shop sells teas by displaying in a refrigerator, so I am kind of worried of the condition of the tea. Unfounded fear, maybe, but I thought it would be better to consume it first.


The label says it is produced by the company itself, so likely they have a tea field in the neighbouring Takase district. Although as far as I know about the tea in this region, most are being managed under a tea industry union, which is located right in the tea fields.

I would have really loved to get my hands on those teas, but like I mentioned before, I could not make it to the tea fields due to unforeseen circumstances. Oh well, always a next time.


I like the mild but fresh green aroma of the tea leaves. Steeping at the standard temperature of 70°C and at one minute produced a mildly astringent and delicately sweet tea.

The colour of the liquor was a nice shade of light green.

For the second steeping, I reduced the time to less than a minute, about 40 seconds. The tea was much sweeter than the first steeping, with almost no astringency.

However, the third steeping at half minute produced a rather astringent tea that had no hint of the earlier sweetness. At this point, it went well with a savory corn snack I had with me.


I find this sencha to be quite unpredictable, with every second and °C count. Any slight changes will have a slightly different result. I haven’t quite decided if I like that or not. Or maybe it’s just me being amateurish in my brewing. Haha.

I have tasted better sencha though. I think this is just mid-range. Somehow I have a feeling the teas under the union would be much better than this.

With 100g of tea leaves in the pack, I guess I will take some time to finish it. Actually I’m already thinking of using it for cooking or baking, especially with the festive seasons coming up. Food experiment time! ^_^


2 thoughts on “Tea tasting: Imaya’s Takase sencha

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