Shikoku tea haul


I have just came back from a two-week holiday in Shikoku, Japan’s smallest main island.

These are the teas I bought during my journey around the four prefectures of Tokushima, Kochi, Ehime and Kagawa.

I failed to find the legendary Ishizuchi Kurocha from Ehime though. Well, I knew where I could find it, but I did not have the time to drop by. So the legendary tea remains a legend to me.


My first purchase was the Awabancha from Kamikatsu, located southwest of Tokushima city. It is a pack of five teabags. I wanted to buy the loose leaf tea, but they don’t sell in portions smaller than 100g. The tea is handpicked by two old folks staying in the mountainous village.


My second set of Tokushima teas was purchased at Roadside Station Oboke in the western part of the prefecture. Tenkou no Yamacha (pictured left) is tea grown on the steep slopes of Yamashiro village near Oboke. The other is Kazurabashicha, grown in a remote area deep in the Iya Valley.


From Kochi prefecture, goishicha (pictured left) is fairly legendary. It is one of Japan’s rare post-fermented teas. I managed to buy a small pack from its production town of Ootoyo, located north of Kochi city. The other tea from Kochi is Tosa Aburicha, which is actually a kind of houjicha from Niyodogawa area.


Last but not least, Takase sencha from Kagawa prefecture. I bought this in a teaware shop in Kan-onji.

I will explore each tea in detail once I have settled my stuff. Just got back so everything’s a mess. Tasting notes coming soon. Stay tuned.


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